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    AX+BX+CX = N    
  The calculator on this webpage solves equations of the type shown above, for X, when the values for A,B, C, and N, are entered into the white boxes below.  
  Delete the numbers in the white boxes below, and enter your own numbers. Then, left click with the mouse, on the yellow or blue background, and the value of X will be calculated, in the green box.  
  Scroll all the way down, beneath the calculator, for additional instructions and contact information  
    The calculated result is presented below    
  The formula in this green box cannot be seen, so it is reproduced here: =E14/(E11+E12+E13) I created this formula by solving the equation on the top of this page (AX+BX+CX= N) for X, and then I represented A, B, C and N with the input cells.  
  The equation on top of this page (AX+BX+CX=N) represents the set of equations that this calculator can solve. All of the following are examples:  
    (A=0), 20X+30X=200    
    (A=0 and B=0), 250X=1500    
  With this calculator you can enter positive as well as negative numbers. You can also enter very large and very small numbers, involving over 250 digits.  
  Numbers that have many digits will be displayed in scientific notation, using the letter E. For example 900000000000000 is displayed as 9E+14, and 0.00000000000009 is displayed as 9E-14.  
  (Note, the spreadsheet version of this calculator uses an uppercase E. and the JavaScript version uses a lowercase e.)  
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