Delete the numbers highlighted in green, and enter your own numbers.
    Then left click on the yellow background or the Calculation button.
    C = d = f = g = h = m =
    D = F = G = H = M =
    The green input boxes with lowercase letters (d, f, g, h, m) are for Exponents.
    Scroll to the left, if your screen does not display the entire page.
    A =
    The red numbers are calculated results.
    (C+DXd+FXf+GXg+HXh+MXm)dX =
    B =
    Now you try it! The calculations are carried out as follows: (Scroll to the left, if yourScreen configuration is not wide enough to display all of the calculations.)
    This is equal to the following, (in terms of the numbers you entered for A and B)
    CX + DXd+1 + FXf+1 + GXg+1 + HXh+1 + MXm+1 =
    d+1 f+1 g+1 h+1 m+1
    The red numbers, on the blue background, below, are calculated results, for each term in the integral.
    A CA + DAd+1 + FAf+1 + GAg+1 + HAh+1 + MAm+1 =
    d+1 f+1 g+1 h+1 m+1
    Above are the calculations for the A value, and below are the calculations for the B value.
    CB + DBd+1 + FBf+1 + GBg+1 + HBh+1 + MBm+1 =
    d+1 f+1 g+1 h+1 m+1
    A Below are the total calculated results for the A and B values This is the completed calculated result.
    The B value is on the right, and it is subtracted from the A value. This result is also displayed on the upper section of this page.
    - =