The Online % of Maximum-Score-Database-Calculator  
  Created by David Alderoty 2011, Email  
  A database with a device for calculating individual scores, based on the maximum scoreThe calculations are carried out when YOU ENTER YOUR DATA, and left click.  
  This database calculates individual scores, by comparing each score with the maximum score, in terms of percent, when a set of names or labels are entered with scores. To do this, the software uses the following formula:  
  100%( Individual Score/Maximum Score)= % of Maximum Score This is the same as:  
  100 multiplied by, the individual score divided by the maximum score  

With this formula, the maximum score is always 100%, and any score that is less than the maximum will be less than 100%. The above formula is applied to each score entered, and the calculated results are presented in the yellow column on the lower right.

  This database has a search mechanism. If you enter a name in the white box on the left (below), and left click with the mouse, the information associated with the name will be displayed in the two yellow boxes (below, on the right of the white box.)  
  In the white box below, enter the name you are searching for, and if it is in the database it will be displayed with associated information, in the yellow boxes on the right. The yellow box below, displays search results for the score Yellow box below, displays search resultsfor % of maximum score, and name  
  In this column there are  
  Enter Names in this column Enter the scores in this column DO NOT ENTER ANYTHING IN THIS COLUMN. The calculated result for each name (in terms of % of the Maximum Score) is presented in this column.