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The Radius-Sphere Calculator, calculates the volume and surface area of a sphere simultaneously, when the length of the radius is entered.  This calculator is presented Online in the JavaScript format, below this paragraph.  This calculator is also available, without charge, in the Excel and OpenOffice formats by downloading.  For download links and additional information, scroll all the way down beneath the Radius-Sphere Calculator.

  Delete the number in the pink box, below, and enter your own number, for the radius of a sphere. After this left click with the mouse on the background for calculated results.  
    Calculates the volume of a sphere    
      = Volume =  
  This formula in Excel’s language is    
    Calculates the surface area of a sphere    
    = = Surface Area =  
This formula in Excel’s language is    


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Download links for the

Radius-Sphere Calculator in the

Excel and OpenOffice Formats


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Additional Information on the

Radius-Sphere Calculator


General Instructions for the

Radius-Sphere Calculator


The radius sphere calculator is extremely simple to use, and instructions are probably not necessary, for most users.  Just, delete the number in the input box on top of the calculator.  The Excel and OpenOffice versions have a white input box, and the online versions have a pink input box.  After deleting the number, enter your own number, and left click on the background with the mouse to obtain calculated results.  For the online versions you can also press the calculation button, located on the top and bottom of the calculator.  For the Excel and OpenOffice versions you can also press the enter key, or any of the arrow keys, to obtain calculated results.



Utility of the Excel and formats


The Radius-Sphere Calculator in the Excel and formats are generally more useful than the online versions.  This is because you can open a limitless number of calculation documents, and save your calculations,* which you cannot do with the online versions.


*Note: To save your calculated results, with Excel or OpenOffice, you must use a different filename for each calculating document.  In addition, you must use the save function in Excel or OpenOffice, before closing your document.  This can be done with the function in the file menu, or by pressing the s key while holding down the Ctrl key.


Critical Calculations


The Radius-Sphere Calculator was designed for general use, study, homework, and demonstration purposes.  However, it were NOT designed for critical calculations, where a mathematical error can lead to the loss of life, injury, property damage, or the loss of large sums of money, such as with major engineering projects, and nuclear power plants.  If it is used for such purposes, all the calculations must be checked by at least two other calculation devices.  The other calculation devices should be run on different operating systems, such as Macintosh or Linux, and with computer processes made by different manufacturers, such as Intel and AMD.  The data should be entered by different individuals.  This is because, in rare cases, malfunctions in software and/or hardware can result in mathematical errors, but the biggest and most important risk factor is data entry errors.

      Calculation devices can be constructed for critical calculations, to prevent data entry errors, and to detect malfunctions in software or hardware, but I did not provide these features in the Radius-Sphere Calculator.  However, even software designed with these special features, require checking each calculation with another software package, on a different operating system, for truly critical calculations.  (If you need calculation devices with such features, I can create them to meet your needs.  You can contact me at, or see the last section of this webpage, for additional information.)      




Number Crunching Ability Of The

Radius-Sphere Calculator


The Radius-Sphere Calculator in all three formats, online, Excel, and OpenOffice, can calculate extraordinarily large or extremely small numbers, with over 300 digits.  Numbers that have many digits are displayed in scientific notation.  The letter E is used to designate scientific notation.  The online version uses a lowercase e, and the Excel and OpenOffice versions use an uppercase E.  This format is illustrated in the following examples. 



Examples of the Display of Very Large Numbers

By the Radius-Sphere Calculator


1000000000000000000000 is displayed as 1e+21.  The 21, with a plus sign, (+) represents the number of decimal places after the first digit. This can be clarified by counting the 21 red highlighted digits in the following: 1000000000000000000000


1456789666666890000000 is displayed as 1.45678966666689e+21. The 21 represents the number of decimal places after the first digit. This can be seen by counting the digits highlighted in red as follows: 1456789666666890000000



Examples of How Very Small Numbers

Are Displayed by the Radius-Sphere Calculator


0.000000000000000000001 is displayed as 1e-21. With this example, 21 with the minus sign represent the number of decimal places after the decimal point, as indicated by the 21 digits highlighted in red as follows: 0.000000000000000000001


The number 0.0000000000000000000067987 is displayed as 6.7987e-21. Note the 21 with the minus sign (-) represent the number of decimal places after the decimal point. This becomes clear by counting the digits highlighted in red as follows: 0.0000000000000000000067987



Astronomically Large Numbers, and The

Radius-Sphere Calculator


When large numbers, with approximately 306 digits or greater are calculated you will usually get an error message, such as NaN, #NUM! or #VALUE!  If you enter a number much smaller than the above, even 150 zeros,  such as 1e+150 you will not obtain a calculated results for volume because the calculated result will exceed the limit of the calculator. However, you will get a result for surface area.


Infinitesimally Small Numbers and the

Radius-Sphere Calculator

When calculated results are infinitesimally small, (such as 1e-350) the calculator will round the number down to 0 (zero).



Entering Very Large and Very Small Numbers,

Into the Input Boxes,

Of the Radius-Sphere Calculator


The input boxes can hold numbers with over 300 digits.  If you enter more than 21 digits the calculator will usually convert the number to scientific notation.



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