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Five Websites by David Alderoty on: The Application of Computer Technology For Creating Electronic Documents with Descriptive, Educational, Explanatory, Instructional, And Technical Writing


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The five websites listed below, provide a number of techniques and general information for creating user-friendly ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS, such as websites, e‑books, web-based manuscripts and articles, with text and/or mathematics, which maybe coupled with multimedia and/or interactive computer software.  The five websites contain over 50,000 words, with more than 45 topics, including the following:


How to write for the electronic format, such as creating text for websites and e-books


How to circumvent the limitations of written language by linking your text to Internet-based videos and articles


How to link to and/or embed videos, and software into your electronic documents


How to create electronic documents with audio narrations of text recorded on sound files


PowerPoint slideshows, and creating tutorials with PowerPoint


How to obtain the software you need to create electronic documents, free of charge


Techniques and software for writing mathematical notation for websites, e-books, and other electronic documents


Interactive mathematical notation for the electronic format



To open any of the five websites listed below, left click on the blue URL on the center of the page




This website is a 25,400 word E‑book on writing electronic documents, and related concepts.  It has links to over 60 websites I created, with JavaScript software, sound recordings, and useful information for creating electronic documents.  In addition the website has a large number of Internet links for additional information from other authors, including instructional videos, e-books, and articles.  This includes links to obtain without charge the software you need to create electronic documents.




This is a 3400 word E-book on linking to, or embedding, videos and software into electronic documents.  I explain in this e-book  the technique I use for embedding videos and software into a precise section of a webpage.  In addition this e-book contains 20 embedded YouTube videos from a number of authors, which provides a great deal of step-by-step information needed to create electronic documents with multimedia.




This is a 3600 word e-book on The Practical Use of Multimedia, with Text-To-Speech Software.  This e-book explains the techniques and software required to create electronic documents, with text and audio narration of the text.  You should have your speakers or headphones turned on before accessing this website.  When the website opens, scroll down about one half of a screen, and you will see a link to start the sound file, which looks like this,(but it is much larger): LEFT CLICK ON THIS TEXT.





This is a 19,000 word E-book on creating electronic documents, with mathematics and text.  In this e-book I discuss concepts that relate to creating websites, e-books, and other electronic documents with mathematics and written language.  I demonstrate how to create mathematical notation using MathType, Mathcad, Microsoft Word's old equation editor, and the new equation editor in Word 2010.  This e-book is linked to a number of instructional videos, and articles created by other authors, for additional information.




On this website interactive math notation is demonstrated, along with a short article on the code I used to create the interactive notation